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The college has 3 undergraduate majors in civil engineering, architecture, urban and rural planning, civil engineering, materials science and engineering (materials), design (architectural design and theory, architectural history and theoretical direction), three first-level disciplines, master's degree conferment points , Master of Engineering (Architectural and Civil Engineering), Master of Education (Professional Education - Civil Engineering and Hydraulics) 2 professional degree authorization points.

  The primary discipline of civil engineering and the first-level discipline of architecture are key disciplines in Henan Province, and the major of civil engineering is selected as the outstanding engineer project of Henan Province (the pilot project of comprehensive reform of engineering education in Henan Province).

  The civil engineering major is divided into two directions: architectural engineering, roads and bridge engineering. The development of architectural engineering masters basic theories and basic knowledge of engineering mechanics, soil mechanics, surveying, housing architecture and structural engineering disciplines, and has the ability to plan, design, research, develop, construct, and manage civil engineering projects. Design, research, construction, education, management, investment, and development departments of underground buildings, tunnels, roads, bridges, mines, etc. Advanced engineering and technical personnel engaged in technical or management work. The direction of roads and bridges mainly aims at cultivating urgently needed talents for the construction of national transportation networks and the construction of urban transportation facilities. This will enable students to master solid basic theories and broad professional knowledge, have strong practical and innovative capabilities, and understand the latest professional theories at home and abroad. Technological development; Fostering advanced professionals with international vision, good professional ethics, and future-oriented and innovative types.

  The architecture profession is trained to meet the needs of national economic development and urban and rural construction. It has solid architectural expertise and design practice abilities. It has creative thinking, open horizon, social responsibility and team spirit, and has the concept of sustainable development and cultural heritage, mainly in architecture. Design institutes, education and scientific research institutions, management departments, etc., are engaged in high-level specialists in architectural design, teaching and research, development and management.

  Urban and rural planning professionals are trained to meet the needs of China's urbanization construction, and there are advanced application-oriented professionals with professional knowledge and professionalism in urban and rural planning and related fields.

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